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Valerie J. Coleman & Pen of the Writer/ QueenV Publishing


Valerie J Lewis Coleman, restoring stepfamilies, empowering women, equipping writers to be greater!

Valerie J. Coleman—writer, publisher, professor, and speaker has her hands full these days with the multi-tasking element of wearing all of these hats. With hopes of being able to place more focus on her personal writings and helping other writer’s publish their works she has her hands full.

Ambition Magazine: When was Pen of the Writer & QueenV Publishing founded
Valerie J. Coleman: Started actually writing and publishing under Pen of The Writer in January 2006, but the work really began about 3 years prior.
AM: What inspired you to start your own business?
VJC: Most writers are introverted and don’t understand the business side and this is where the inspiration came from. By profession I am an industrial engineer so it has always been my job to find a way to do things better, faster, cheaper, etc.
AM: What were some of the struggles during startup
VJC: Biggest challenge is that I’ve gotten to a point where I have to subcontract out more work. Initially I was doing it all myself and I have started with the editing. I need to release more control.
AM: What was fun
VJC: It does something for me to empower others. That’s why I am currently teaching at three schools (Strayer, Sinclair, and Central State – West Campus
AM: What are some of your goals for the future and expansion?
VJC: Publishing more! Preparing the proposal to pitch, Passion of the Pen, which will have me traveling to schools, churches and prisons to teach curriculum and publish these anthologies. I have a goal of 10 anthologies a year and to get more work contracted to out so that I can increase the number of books that I can publish in a year. Get in front of bigger audiences with the speaking engagements. Develop my branding and website.
AM: Advice for other aspiring entreprenuers
VJC: No matter what the business entity is make sure you know the business backwards and forwards. Do your RESEARCH! Understand the business. Understand who are marketing to, branding, find a mentor. KNOW THE BUSINESS & RESEARCH THE BUSINESS

Email: >info@valeriejlcoleman.com
Facebook: Pen Of The Writer
Twitter: Pen of the Writer
Website: www.valeriejlcoleman.com
Phone: 888.802.1802

Book Titles:
The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box
Blended Families An Anthology
Tainted Mirror An Anthology
Self-Publishing Made Easy