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Chaquis Maliq celebrates her birthday by premiering her very first music video from her EP Harmonies of Me. On July 23rd (her birthday), Chaquis will show the world her soul with an official video of the acoustic track, “You Are,” along with a statement on the video concept.

Harmonies of Me reached it’s year anniversary on June 26th , while Chaquis Maliq toured as the sensational 1 Woman Band to New York’s Harlem Arts Festival, and Ohio’s FOX28/Good Day Columbus & Columbus Arts Festival . Still determined to reach her fans, it was only right for her to be the 1 Woman Video Crew. Harmonies of Me has gained the hearts of her listeners. It has also gained Global Recognition in Countries, such as Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and Sydney.

USA – “Harmonies of Me, a 4 track of honest, soul
music that will grab you firmly by the ears. If you enjoyed early India.Arie’s guitar accompanied gems then this is for you! Her beautiful voice and arrangements will win you over and leave you begging for the full
length.” -DJ Rahdu BamaLoveSoul.com

USA – “We’re proud to feature such impassioned and an inspiring artist! Thanks for putting the soul back
in music Chaquis!!!” -Jonathan Silbilta ModernDayMusician.com

Taiwan – “A new generation of independent female singer-songwriter. She has made ​​two albums, sometimes quite experimental avant-garde, sometimes playing retro smoke flavor whistle any style of courage to try. This time the song arranger places Acoustic based, like artists like India.Arie type fans can listen to.” -UrbanUnion.tw

UK – “Every song has killer tune through and through here, the new EP “Harmonies of Me………Unlike too many artist out there this artist seeks to enlighten and not just to make hits true all artist need to eat and so it’s a toss-up(of a coin) as to where you land but Chaquis Maliq lands on both sides and I
don’t believe it was entirely by design she appears to have just gone with the best songs she has and presented them to the world.” -Devendo 1981, Devendno 1981 Music and Movies

USA “….Your music, it’s so needed.” – Civ Jones, Magic 95.9 Baltimore

With the great response from touring as the 1 Woman Band, Chaquis Maliq will have a few shows closer to home, including speaking to DC Youth at the Truancy Intervention Program August 6th, DMV’s FestAfrica August 10th, Takoma Park’s Folk Festival September 7th, with future touring dates to be announced very soon.

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