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What would you spend $315 on?


As the world knows the latest media crusade is on Nike and Lebron on the upcoming $315 Lebron’s (which are actually set at $290, maybe they were doing us a favor and adding tax). This is such a steamy topic with the shoe being reported as Nike’s most expensive shoe to date. The National Urban League has stepped up and began to blast the entire situation.

My personal curiosity is why is this such an issue? My initial response is if as a parent you can’t afford the shoe you tell you child NO and you move on. My next response was as an adult who wants the shoes but knows that if you purchase them you won’t have lights or food for the entire month then you look in the mirror and tell yourself NO and you move on. For those who can afford it you do what you like!

My next thought was this where do I spend a random $315 in the course of the month. For the past two weeks I have been living in a hotel because of a family emergency and I have to eat out for every meal. Some of the meals are sit down meals and some of them are fast food never the less the average is about $30/day which for 14 days puts me at a total of $420. Now I know some people are thinking that is an extenuating circumstance but let’s be honest we all know someone who does this cause they either can’t or don’t want to cook. So in the course of a month that is about $840 and an unhealthy lifestyle. So do you still find the $315 as an astonishing amount?

Then the well-loved Jordan came to mind. How many ‘retro’ Jordan’s have come out in the past 90 days? For those that are not ‘hip’, retro is another way of saying that this shoes have been released before!

The next thing that came to mind was other shoes would people want going into fall!. Gucci, Coach, the so fabulous Christian Louboutin? Well I found some Louboutin’s that are very different and I’m sure we have some fashion forward people who love them!

Louis Geek Men’s Flat

This shoe rings in at $1,295 but yet I didn’t get the email about The Urban League speaking out about those. So my question to you is, what is the real problem with the shoes? I know I wouldn’t pay that for this shoe BUT when the funds are right I have no problem dropping some change on a sexy pump. What about you?
One more thing did I mention that this shoe has a sensor to measure height when jumping and that there is a lower priced pair that rings in at $190.

So again I ask what is the real issue because there are definitely shoes that cost much more than these!

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