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Where should I start in the gym?


If you’ve ever taken time off from the gym you’ve asked yourself this question. This is the sole question that cripples us from our fitness dreams. From the moment we say, man I need to get back in the gym, I want to have this desired look by this desired date and we get excited to start, but then when the euphoria wears off we’re left asking. Where do I start? Since I know this is the conversation that stops 90% from setting out on their fitness journeys I want to simplify things for everyone.

JUST START SOMEWHERE! Wherever you feel comfortable, go do it. If you would rather workout at home, then do that. If a big gym with a lot of people, eye candy and motivation is what you need, then by all means start there. Don’t allow the insecurities of being placed in a new unfamiliar situation derail your progress of having that fit, toned, attractive body we all dream of. Go back to that vision of being where you wanted to be and how good you’ll feel once you’re there.
We over complicate working out thinking there has to be a scientific formula between workouts, workout timing, meal timing, supplementation, rest periods, apparel, etc… to where we end up just giving up and doing nothing. So, my advice is, start somewhere and start now. Get the ball rolling on your journey, then once the ball is rolling you’ll start picking up on new things. If you enjoy cardio, start with that, it may not be the best exercise for your goals, but it’s a start. Same with strength training, bodyweight training, boxing, aerobics classes, and so on. Start out where you’re comfortable and the rest will fall into place. Just remember as the saying goes, “Never put off tomorrow what you can do today” But if you happen to need some assistance, feel free to contact me.

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