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Who Run the World…?!?


Ok…this is not to spark some gender debate but lately, I’ve contemplated if the “independent” nature embraced by women primarily have gone too far?

From my observations, I can definitely say that the media does influence this trend. I would like to note that nothing is new under the sun as I can recall in my lifetime as an 80s baby hearing my mom belt out Karyn White’s “Superwoman” and years later En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind”. You know the phrase “It’s not what you say but how you say it”…well I feel as though as time passed, our culture has become a tad more cutthroat with how we express ourselves. As “Superwoman” being more about feeling unappreciated by a man that Karyn loved and simply won’t take anymore and “Free Your Mind”, from my eyes and ears, was like an all-encompassing song about female empowerment. Fast forward a decade or so, and along came songs such as “No Scrubs”, “Bills Bills Bills”, “Independent Women” etc…not surprisingly, the first two were written by the same songwriter, but now I question has our “independence” gone too far? As those songs pretty much say overall, that women do not want or need a cheating, lying, no job having, staying in his mama’s house baby daddy/boyfriend that just live off of his woman’s income. Given these are the songs that usually go mainstream in comparison to artists’ songs such as “(The Fact Is) I Need You” by Jill Scott where Jill implies that there is a lot that she CAN do on her own, but her need for a man is still ever so present and it is sung in a way that a man appreciates and respects versus the others that well…seem to psychologically castrate a man because a woman simply can buy her “toys” and read a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey to knock her socks off. A lot of this music can be seen as backlash, per se, given a lot of the overtly sexualized lyrics portrayed in today’s rap music in particular. Videos and lyrics painting a picture of usually “exotic” women or women scantily clad with plump butts, thick thighs, long hair, small waists, and big breasts which most women cannot identify with.

Men do not want to feel as though they aren’t needed because in essence that is emasculating them. They still need and want to feel like a MAN at all times. Once again, in regards to a woman’s independence, how far is too far? With sex toys that encourage self-pleasure, songs filled with a catchy hook chanting an anthem promoting independence and empowerment, and with the continuously growing popularity of erotica books for example…have we lessened the importance of having an actual male being in our presence? Is he still looked at as of high value? Now don’t get me wrong of course it’s great to be strong and able to do for your self as that is respected and highly sought after, but if the women of today are now that “free” then maybe we have actually began to push the need for men out of our lives? This issue can definitely be looked into at a deeper level, but for now, ladies what kind of message are you giving off to men?

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  1. India October 7, 2012

    hmm… Actually it was taken from Beyonce’s “Who Run the World (Girls)” song… maybe you should’ve read the blog versus just going straight to the bottom to comment. Not all “titles” are grammatically correct, but they are written to express a thought, etc, whether it is improper or proper.  

  2. LadyI April 8, 2013

    I think it’s important to let the cheating, lying, no job having man know that we can do it without them. Then make room for the man who can complement out strong personality.


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