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William Pierce IV – Summer of Fit – Trainer


Company: Project Will Power
Name: William W Pierce IV
Age: 27

What Services do you offer?
I offer health prevention and health enhancement in the form of fitness and nutrition training and consulting.

Title: CEO and Founder of Project Will Power
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How long have you been on this career path?
3 years

What encouraged you to take on a career in the fitness world?
I have always been in sales and sold many different types of products but for years I sold products and services that I couldn’t fully stand behind. After digging deep and years of looking for my passion, I found fitness. It was an eye opener! I had been into fitness my entire life yet never considered it a business venture. I then decided that the 1 product and service that I could stand behind was myself, so I decided to sculpt my body, market select fitness products, and provide inspirational and motivation to those on the “get fit” journey.

What have been your challenges on your personal health & fitness journey?
My biggest challenge has been motivation. I run into challenges building the correct physique for a certain look that a marketing client may require and through nutrition training, which is very strenuous and requires focused discipline. When taking on the responsibility to motivate others, it can become draining and sometimes takes away from your own motivation so I am constantly looking for ways to re-motivate myself and increase my focus.
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What has helped you push closer to your goals as a fitness professional?
The main thing that has pushed me further is my drive to never settle. If I see something, I make it happen. I’m not able to get half way through a program or get close to the objective at hand then settle for what I have because my peers think it’s good. I have to keep pushing to make it perfect.
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Top 3 most valuable pieces of advice you give to those on a journey of their own?
Follow your passion
Have faith
Never give up

What’s on your gym/workout playlist?
Plenty of dub step, high tempo hip-hop, rock and instrumentals, that I’m not a fan of music with lyrics but when I’m working out, I run off of the vibrations so I don’t want to loose my motivation with getting off track with the words of songs. Some songs can get pretty deep and it’s easy to loose track and start thinking into what that artist said. There are some amazing artist out there that have the power to really touch a person. If I do listen to music with lyrics, it’s either a Tupac or Kanye West, their words carry so much passion and the vibrations in their passionate voice can push me through the roof.

What is your favorite workout?
My favorite workout is the standing cable cross, I love chest workouts, especially ones that are more realistic in the since that I might actually use this in a real life circumstance outside of the gym.

imageWhat is your motivation?
My motivation is myself, it might sound arrogant but I have role models from professional models(Greg Plitt, Simon Panda & Lazar Angelov) to great entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Sean Combs but along my path I saw myself surpassing each one of them in every aspect. I visualize a supreme me, an Alpha Will that I am motivated to become. My competition, the people I have listed, have become an asset to my ultimate motivation.

What are your goals for the remainder of 2014?
For the remainder of 2014 I plan on expanding fitness camps to at least 2 other states and begin construction on the Project Will Power Fitness facility that has an anticipated opening date of April 2015 in midtown Atlanta, GA. In addition to that I plan on continuing to motivate the fitness community along with its onlookers to push for the next level in life. I’m still fitness modeling and participating in physique competitions to help brand Project Will Power, so I also plan on taking those contributions to the next level as well.

William Walter Pierce IV